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​When Soulflower Studios captures your vision, you tell your story

Soulflower Studios is a full-service production company from pre-production all the way through post production. I am your one point of contact during the entire process and will remain on set until filming wraps and remain in contact through post production. We take away all the stress of the logistics in hiring individual crew members and rental equipment needed for your production. We bring the entire crew and all the gear to save you money and allow you to focus on all the other aspects of your production. All our equipment is battery operated, no electrical source or generator needed and we have a 4-wheel drive vehicle for remote locations.



A full-service production company that includes videography and cinematography with the highest quality 4K video. We provide field production, live action shoots, multi-camera shoots, feature length films, tv shows, documentaries, reality tv and commercials.


Audio/Post Mixing

We capture pristine audio which is the backbone of the story you tell. We use lavaliers on actors, players and talent. We utilize shotgun and condenser mics for ambient recording wirelessly and direct into our 4K video camera. Being a full-service production company, we take audio into post production for the best possible results.



Editing is a crucial component of post-production. We use and are proficient Final Cut Pro X, and Logic Pro which is one of the leading software programs in the film industry.

Post production begins on set operating in tandem with production. We ensure every scene has clear footage and audio before moving on to the next scene. By doing so we can spend less time fixing any issues in post-production and focus on the artistic collaboration to capture your vision.


When production wraps we take all the video and audio directly into post production for a smooth and seamless transition. With post production working in tandem with production on set we already have a full understanding of your vision saving you time and money.




DJI 4K Mini 4 Pro Drone


Canon XA75 4K UHD Video Camera.

iPad Air 5 Video Monitor.


Manfrotto 502AH Video Head and MT055XPRO3 Aluminum Tripod.

SmallRig Heavy Duty Video Tripod, Fluid Head and Dolly.


Four 4K Hero 11 Black Mini GoPro Sports Cameras for high Speed Action and Under Water Video Footage, Tripod Stands, Volts hand held mini tripod grips with external battery, Head Straps, Suction Cups and flexible grips.


Sennheiser Shotgun Microphone and K-Tek KE-89CC Avalon Boom Pole.


Two Zoom F2-BT Ultracompact Bluetooth Enabled Portable Field Recorder and Lavalier Microphones.


Tascam Linear PCM Recorder DR-60D MKII.


Focusrite Condenser Microphone.


Three Dracast 1000 X-Series RGB Bi-Colored 3200K to 5000K Color Temperatures LED Light Panels.


Two Pixel LED 2500K to 8500K Light Bars.


Two Selens 5-in-1 Light Reflectors with Swivel Boom Arms.


 Post Production Services

HD/ UHD/4K Editing

Color Correction

Color Grading


Green Screen Keying

Tribune Digital VFX




Sound editing

Sound Effects

Sound Design


Original Film Score

Automated Digital Replacement

Voice Overs

5.1 Surround Sound

Sound Engineering

Movie Posters


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