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 Technical Advisor For Military And Law Enforcement

I provide individual training for principal and background actors by achieving accurate and authentic portrayals of military personnel, law enforcement officers and criminals. I consult with writers for accuracy on constitutional and criminal law during investigations, interrogations, and court room environment.


Law Enforcement

Uniform Accuracy

Field Operations

Criminal Investigations

Search, Seizure and Miranda Rights

Arrest Procedures

Use of Force and Tactical De-Escalation Procedures

Weapons Handling

Interrogations and Interviews

Executing Arrest And Search Warrants

Tactical Communication

Crime Scene Investigations, Processing and Evidence Collection

Crime Scene Photography

Motor Vehicle Traffic Stops

DUI Investigations

Smuggling and Hidden Compartments in Motor Vehicles

Emergency Management Situations



Uniform Accuracy

Customs and Courtesies

Marching and Rifle Drill Movements

Weapons Skills, Handling and Abilities

Conduct defensive positioning

Combat formations

Fire Team Assaults


Military Operations on Urban Terrain, Desert  and Jungle Warefare

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