About Soulflower Studios

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I provide post production, digital media, video editing, sound effects, audio engineering and VFX. I specialize in independent films, documentaries, music videos, video portfolios, voice overs, advertising, and social media platforms. I studied at The University of Texas at Austin School of Fine Arts, Department of Theatre and Dance specializing in lighting design and technology, sound design and engineering and scene design and construction.


I am a United States Marine Corps primary marksmanship instructor, range coach and range safety officer. I spent 10 years as a law enforcement officer in a special operations auto theft unit. I conducted long term investigations into organized theft rings, covert and overt operations targeting carjackings, stolen autos and theft from autos. I advise military and law enforcement tactics, techniques, procedures, weapons handling, defensive tactics, uniforms, equipment and gear.


I am also a script technical advisor to enhance productions by achieving accurate and authentic portrayals of military personnel, law enforcement officers and criminals.

I provide consulting for accuracy on constitutional and criminal law during investigations, interrogations, and court room environment.

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